OBS Staff member Katlyn has brought us this weeks R&R of ‘Fringe’

This episode starts off with a less than antiseptic brain surgery. Thomas Newton (once a severed head), recognized by Olivia Dunham, was seen taking out a piece of brain from a mental patient. After this piece of brain was removed, the mental patient seemed cured. Olivia and Peter Bishop determine that this has happened in two other patients of the mysterious Dr. Paris. These patients were sane, then after seeing Dr. Paris they start reciting things that don’t make sense to anyone around them. It is determined that these pieces of skull come from the brain of Walter Bishop. These memories were taken from Walter’s brain and implanted into other people so that the brain tissue could survive, but be safe from the one person who could interpret them, Walter.

Thomas Newton kidnaps Walter and deciphers the information from the brain tissue through electrical impulses. Right after Newton gets his information, Peter and Olivia show up to save Walter. Olivia chases after Newton and catches him. He tells her that he has created his own fail-safe escape and that he has injected Walter with a neurotoxin that will kill Walter in four minutes. He will only give her the antidote if she lets him go. She agrees, finally giving her weakness away, and saving Walter in the process.

This was a great “relationship” episode. A lot of Walters past was brought up and I really had hope that Walter would be “sane” again. I did see a piece of that when they gave his memory back and it was definitely cool. But what would “Fringe” be without the Walter we have grown to love. And it was shown how much Peter loves his father and his understanding of that was very touching.

How do you think this “weakness” of Olivia’s will affect the resistance against the Fringe division? Do you think more personal attacks will occur from the enemy?

Did you catch how when Peter saw a picture of a coffin he thought of Peter? This has been an underlying theme from Season One. What do you think happened to young Peter? And who is this one that is present?