Friends with Benefits
By Rhonda Lee Carver
ISBN# 9781616504649
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Cassandra and Sebastian have been friends since college. They know everything about each other, and even own a restaurant together. Now she has a secret admirer—one who asks her to meet him wearing a blindfold…and nothing else. She complies, mostly, and must rely on how he smells, feels, and sounds when they meet. He seems familiar. Familiar enough to be Sebastian? Surely not. Maybe she’s hoping her admirer is Sebastian. Maybe…

Sebastian has a secret Cassie knows nothing of: He’s in love with her. But telling her could destroy their friendship. So he’s got to sit back and watch as she swoons for this secret admirer who uses all the right romantic words to win her heart.

Can Sebastian step forward and reveal himself? Supposing he dares to let Cassie know he loves her, can their friendship survive if she doesn’t feel the same for him? (Goodreads)


This sounds like a cute, interesting story, but it didn’t deliver. The two stars is because the style of writing was good. The story however, has so many flaws and way to much stuffed into a short story.


First, Cassie and Seb are “just friends” for many years, then Cassie has always wondered how it would be to have sex with him and Seb loves her. Basically Sebastian is jealous of himself and doesn’t have the maturity to tell her his feelings for her have changed, so what does he do???? Starts dating someone else, nothing shows that you care like dating another person.

Who in their right mind lets someone they don’t know into their apartment while staying blindfolded to have sex with them??? Cassie does and then thinks it might be Seb but not sure.

So she thinks she is in love with someone writing her notes who gets her off blindfolded and leaves. Yep that’s my kind of guy. Do me and leave.

Oh, I forgot, add a person that gets engaged and knows they love each other and tries telling Cassie that. While at the same time her mom gives her a hard time about her love life when her and Seb go there for dinner.

Just way to many things going on, making it so that none of it flowed well for me.

It’s a super fast read, the idea of the story sounded good, and the author definitely has a nice style of writing. As for recommending this story, it’s for adults, I’d try something else by this author, with better ratings and reviews.