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Fans of director Fred Dekker’s classic alien invasion/zombie flick Night of the Creeps have been clamoring for its DVD release for years. Now, at long last, Sony has heard their cries and is releasing the film this Tuesday, October 27th, on both standard DVD and Blu-ray. Rejoice – for no longer will your copy of Monster Squad (Dekker’s other ‘80s film masterpiece) sit lonely atop your DVD shelves!

We sat down with Dekker earlier this week to discuss the path that led to Creeps‘ creation and DVD release, on the special features that adorn the disc, and on what he’s working on next.

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This is clearly a ‘classic’ B movie.  Night of the Creeps is about alien brain parasites that enter humans through the mouth turning their host into a killing zombie. Don’t yell Cheesy!  It was one of those movies that was about zombies but it wasn’t poorly done. The unique feature was the squirmy slug parasites that slithered to their marks.  An absolute must have for your DVD collection.

Are you excited this film is finally available?