Four Aunties and a Wedding

Aunties, Book #2

By Jesse Q Sutanto

ISBN: 9780593333051

Author Website: jesseqsutanto(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Oh, how the tables turn! Meddy and her family were always the ones helping brides organize their weddings, but now it’s Meddy who has to organize her own wedding with the help of Ma and the aunties. Finding a dress was difficult, especially since it had to be approved by Meddy’s family, but once she found the perfect one, all that was left was the banquet vendors. Ma and the aunts know that Meddy will be busy, so they take it upon themselves to find a vendor family like theirs to take care of the wedding. They settle on a Chinese-Indonesian family-run company just like them, and what’s best is that they are family, as in, Meddy’s grandmother cousin niece cousin sister-in-law. What could go wrong?!

Nathan, Meddy and the aunts meet with the vendors at their favorite dim sum restaurant. The vendors show them their portfolio of previous work, admiring it and even recognizing certain things from social media the aunts didn’t know they were the creators. Meddy is fascinated by everything, but the photography style catches her attention. When she inquires about the type of camera Staphanie, the vendor photographer, uses and her technique, Staphanie mentions it’s the same camera as Meddy’s. Meddy is surprised, slightly doubtful, but asks to be shown later how to get smooth pictures like hers.

Meddy and Nathan’s wedding will take place in England, a destination wedding that will alleviate inviting all of Meddy’s family, since having them all there can be a little overwhelming for her. The day they are set to fly to England, the aunties fly in style with fake Louis Vuitton suitcases and they all start speaking British, with words such as, luv, hot cuppa, Toodle pip, cheerio. This is all part of them trying to fit into the British culture, only making Meddy even more stressed.

Meddy’s flight is stressful, followed by an awkward first meeting between her family and Nathan’s parents. Good thing Meddy’s friends are there to cheer her up the day before the wedding, and with everything ready there’s nothing else to worry about. In appreciation of Staphanie’s help, Meddy prepared a small gift for her, but as she is about to give it, Meddy hears Staphanie’s conversation. Meddy hears her plotting an assasination during her wedding reception, confirming from Staphanie’s own words that they are Mafia, and using her wedding as a cover up.

I had so much fun reading this book! If the aunties were amazingly hilarious and quick on their feet in the first book, they are even more mischievous and scarier here. Especially Fourth Aunt threatening someone with a blunt cream knife and making I’m watching you finger motions. Meddy is terrified of anyone killing someone at her wedding, she tells the aunties and they take matters into their own hands. Especially since Meddy can’t call the police because Stapanie’s family threatens them with telling about their own murder incident. I still couldn’t help laughing once in a while when the aunts said or did something mafia in their own way to help Meddy. It’s all about family with the aunties.

From this book, I definitely liked that we could read more about the aunties and know past events in their lives that shaped them into the women they are. We also see how Nathan is so used to Ma and the aunts that he just follows their lead. I can’t wait for a possible third book in the series, especially if they all go visit Meddy’s extended family.

There is so much fun content in this story, I can’t spoil it all, you definitely have to read it. Not to mention that if you have a family as close and big as Meddy’s you can definitely relate. Any Hispanic party/gathering probably has the same amount of guests that are all related somehow, how can you not invite them? And someone will always be making decisions for the bride or birthday person. You’ll most likely have a good time reading or end up laughing with Four Aunties and a Wedding.