Kim Harrison
For a Few Demons More
The Hollows, Book #5

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Rachel Morgan is back in the fifth installment of the Hollows series.  She is still dating sexy living vampire, Kisten, and living with her business partners and friends Ivy and Jenks (along with Jenk’s wife and kids).  Rachel is still trying to convince Ivy to work out a blood balance with her after Ivy bit her in the last book, but Ivy refuses unless Rachel will throw in sex, which she won’t.

Rachel is awoken one morning by a demon, Newt, possessing her body and when she uses her magic to get her out, the demon starts tearing up the church looking for something she thinks Rachel has.  Ceri arrives and together she and Rachel summon Newt’s familiar, Minias, to come and retrieve her.  Minias takes Newt home, but now he owes Rachel a favor and the whole debacle causes the church to now be unsanctified.

Meanwhile, someone is killing weres and Rachel knows it has to do with someone looking for the focus.  Then, she discovers that three of the wolves weren’t murdered, but were humans who committed suicide after the focus in David’s possession caused them to turn into werewolves and the change was too painful for them to bear.  Now Rachel must find somewhere else to hide the focus to where nobody is being turned accidentally, but making sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands either.  She also must find out who is killing the other weres in order to find the focus.  Not to mention she must find a way to get the church resancitified.

I must admit that at times I have really struggled reading this series.  Sometimes the storyline just really drags out, but I felt that this installment was much easier to read and it just seemed to flow better than some of the other books.  And I was really happy to see that both Kisten and Trent were back for bigger storylines in this novel as I really missed them in the previous installment, A Fistful of Charms, where the two were almost non-existent.

I liked the storyline with the focus causing David’s girlfriends to turn without him even knowing it and showing us a side of David we have never seen before; a caring and protective side that I never saw coming.

It was  interesting to see Al’s new found way to walk in the sun.  I just wish it hadn’t caused the shocking twist at the end of the book.  I kept waiting for something to happen to negate it all, but it never came.  But I can’t help, but think it’s not over yet.  At least I’m hoping it’s not!!

I did find it annoying that everything in Rachel and Jenk’s lives seems to revolve around Ivy and how she’ll react to different things.  And I didn’t like how it seems like they are setting things up for a relationship between Ivy and Rachel.

Overall, I really liked this installment and it was a vast improvement on some of its predecessors in the series.  I hope that the following books in the series continue to improve as well.