Winter is about comfort food, so of course a book about the chill would have great food. Grace is the primary cook in her house, so food is mentioned quite a bit. These are the three that I thought are the most important to the plot.

Cranberry Scones

Grace and Olivia argue about the wolves and Grace’s obsession with them (pg 33). This is when Grace realizes that she and Olivia are growing apart, and that telling Olivia how she really feels about the wolves is now impossible.

Mushroom Quiche

Grace doesn’t trust her judge of character, but knows that Sam is good at reading people. So before grace reveals the truth about the wolves to Isabel, she invites her over to meet Sam. They make Mushroom Quiche while Sam gets a feel for Isabel: “The first words I ever heard Isabel say were: ‘Can I ask why the hell we’re making quiche instead of talking about my brother?’… (pg 260-265). If you need help with the quiche, read those pages. For a novel, that chapter is surprisingly useful for cooking.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I love this scene. It is the most romantic scene I’ve ever read. If I had to choose one recipe from this book as the most important, this would be it.

“What’s the best?’ I asked…’Could we get two hot chocolates?’…While she dribbled peppermint extract into the bottom of paper cups, I turned to Sam and took his other hand. I stood on my toes and stole a soft kiss from his lips.” (pg 281-282)

What is your favorite winter food?