Social Networks are every where nowadays. With Twitter being one of the newer sites. People from all over Tweet, with Authors being no exemption. Our favorite authors have joined in on the fun. Talking about their books or simply just letting us know what they’re up to. OBS has decided to make it easy on you and list some awesome authors Twitters.

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Patti O’Shea

Nationally bestselling author Patti O’Shea has won twelve awards for her writing and been nominated for many more. Her books have appeared on the Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, and Borders bestseller lists and have earned starred reviews in prestigious publications such as Publishers Weekly and Booklist.

Alan Baxter

An optimistic cynic and dark speculative fiction author, living on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Whose  writing is primarily based in the magical and the arcane and often likes to play with various religious mythologies. And it always seems to be dark. Even stories that Alan thinks are going to be lighter fare seem to end up a bit disturbing.

Ken McConnell

A writer of SF and Mystery novels and short stories.  He works as a software tester and writes fiction in his spare time.

Jenna Black

An American author of paranormal romance novels and urban fantasy novels under the pen name Jenna Black. She published one novel under her married name, Jennifer Barlow and at least two short stories under her maiden name.

Jay Lake

Described as one of the rising stars of the science fiction and fantasy genre. Since first appearing on the scene in late 2001, he has seen over 240 short stories published, along with seven novels out, and three more forthcoming over the next few years.

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