By Augusta Trobaugh
ISBN# 9781611875249

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro



A wayward hurricane comes to an abrupt halt over South Georgia, pumping out a flood with gruesome results.

At the same time, a young teen experiences such wanderlust that her own turbulent emotions reflect the storm and its terrible consequences.


Haven’t you ever wanted for the water to wash your problems away? Take those emotions that won’t let you be at peace. Or, for it, just to take you away with it? In this short story we meet a young girl full of desire to escape her monotonous life and small town during a hot summer. When she finally gets the opportunity, it is not what she had expected. She is taken from one boring place to another. But in this small trip she finds out that she wasn’t the only one that felt trapped, without being able to go on adventures and enjoy the outside world. At the end of the story, one of these two aspiring travelers flows away with the flood to, from one point of view, accomplish its dreams.

This is a story that many can relate to, especially if you’re at that point of your teenage years when you have no idea, as of yet, what to do next in life. Stay where I am right now or travel the world? Why can’t I do the interesting things that others are doing? Thoughts like these are somewhat the ones that cloud our young main character, making the storm of emotions in side her flood like the real storm that takes place in the story, making her only live in her imagination.

I really liked the sort of metaphor surrounding Aunt Minnie. She was so afraid of storms that she couldn’t even travel yet a storm freed her from those long fears. I have to say that that was unexpected. I was more concentrated into what the main character was going to do to solve her problem than Aunt Minnie’s fears. It definitely gave the story a nice twist to that storm.

This short story has a rating of 12+ years and I really recommend that you give it a try for a refreshing and thoughtful moment, it won’t take you but a moment to finish it. Let’s reminisce together about those hot summer teen years now that the season has changed once again.