Title: Flirting with the Beast

Series: Modern Love

By: Jane Porter

ISBN: 9780593438404 (ISBN10: 059343840X)

Website: janeporter(.)com

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A woman expecting to spend the holidays alone finds warmth in the iciest man she knows in this steamy and charming later-in-life romance by New York Times bestselling author Jane Porter.

It’s been five years since Andi McDermott lost her husband, and she’s finally starting to feel like herself again, ready to live fully–she’s even started dating again. But when her holiday plans with her stepson and his fiancé fall through, she refuses to spend another Christmas alone while everyone is celebrating with their families. Impulsively, she decides to go up to her cabin in Lake Arrowhead, a place she used to love to visit but hadn’t gone to in years, not since the feud started between her husband and their nearest neighbor.

Andi starts to rethink her decision when being alone at the cabin proves to be more challenging than she expected–a heavy snowstorm hits the area, and Andi finds herself trapped there with no one to help except for her neighbor, Wolf Enders. A military vet who lives full-time on Lake Arrowhead, Wolf is as grumpy and intimidating as Andi remembers. But he’s also unexpectedly kind and uncomfortably sexy–his presence reminds Andi that she may be older, but her body still works perfectly fine, thank you very much. But can this good girl tame this sexy beast of a man, and will this snowy fling turn into a love of a lifetime? (Goodreads)


Flirting with the Beast is the second book in the Modern Love series by Jane Porter. As well, it is the second book that I have read by Ms. Porter. With just a few words – I must say I love this series and this second book is even more engaging than the first book, Flirting with Fifty.

The reader is once again engrossed in the life of a member of the staff at Orange University. What interesting staff members at this university 😊. Makes one wish they had gone to that university.

The story begins with Andi McDermott preparing her home for a festive early Christmas meal (decorations as well as the feast itself) for her stepson Luke and his fiancé. This is the first time in the five years since Andi’s husband Kevin passed away that she has felt like celebrating the holidays. Andi had prepared everything and at the VERY last moment – Kevin cancels. With a heavy heart and a need to get away for the remainder of the holiday season, Andi decides to go to the Lake Arrowhead cabin that she had shared with her husband Kevin for many years. History regarding this property is that Kevin had a feud with the next door neighbor – so Andi is a wee bit apprehensive about possibly seeing Wolf Enders (the neighbor). Being a romance book and all…you can guess what may happen so no need to write out the details (just know that some very HOT interactions occur) – I shall leave those for you to read. And an entertaining endeavor that will be for you reading about the hunky next door neighbor and widow and their journey.

What I liked about the story is that the journey was not smooth – similar to life. There were many hiccups but both Andi and Wolf. Both needed to learn how to interact with each other as their life experiences had affected them and their natural responses to events that happen. What they both failed to realize (at least at the beginning) is that when different people are involved, their automatic responses might need to be altered. Additionally, learning that each new relationship cannot be compared to the previous one was also an important realization for them both.  

The way the author brought together many different storylines for various other family member was so poignant. Life is not smooth and frequently people misinterpret one’s actions – as was the case a number of times throughout this story. I kept thinking to myself – communicate people – communicate.  Of course – looking from the outside in is easy … The other interactions also give more context as to why Wolf is like he is with respect to communicating with others. Hopefully Andi can break down his barriers without crushing her spirit.

The path to a HEA (happily ever after) was not smooth – but then life is not smooth. So that aspect was spot on in my mind. I also liked that the protagonists were mature people – about time that someone is writing love stories for mature persons 😊. Everyone deserves to fall in love – regardless of age.  

The only thought I have that is not 100% positive is the title of the book. Not sure I liked the moniker of “Beast” for Wolf. But that may just be me. It at first gave me pause as to why he is referred to as the beast.

If you enjoy a romance that is filled with angst, love, sweet moments and all around life like scenario’s – then pick up Flirting with the Beast by Jane Porter, cuddle up in your favorite reading spot with a cup of tea (or some such other beverage of your choice) and settle in for a few hours of reading enjoyment. I know I plan to seek out more titles by Jane Porter!