Title: Flirting with Fifty

Series: Modern Love

By: Jane Porter   

ISBN: 9780593438381

Website: janeporter(.)com

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Paige Newsom is finally at a place in her life where she’s comfortable. She loves her job as a college professor in Southern California, lives close enough to her mother to visit her regularly, and has three daughters who are flourishing in their own careers. Paige has no plans to upend her life again after her divorce eight years ago, but she’s about to embark on a new adventure: co-teaching a course that includes a three-week international field study.

Paige can think of a dozen reasons why she shouldn’t go, one being a dazzling Australian biologist who will be teaching alongside her. Professor Jack King is charismatic, a world traveler, and more like Indiana Jones than Indiana Jones, all of which unsettles Paige, who prides herself on being immune to any man’s charms. As the two co-professors lead the rigorous program together, first on campus, then in beautiful Tanzania, Paige’s biggest challenge will be working closely with Jack while resisting the undeniable chemistry she feels when she’s with him. (Goodreads)


Flirting with Fifty, authored by Jane Porter, is the first in the series Modern Love. As an introduction to the writing of Ms. Porter, I found Flirting with Fifty an enjoyable and easy to read later-in-life romance.

Paige Newsom is a content college professor at Orange University, at least until she had been volunteered to co-lecture with one of the leading epidemiologists in the world – Jack King. Wait a minute – Jack King – the Jack King she hooked up with 30 years ago in Paris? Paige is happy with her life finally; she has three grown daughters who are doing well in their own lives/careers; Paige lives near her aging mother and gets to visit her often. And she is well and truly healed from the disaster of a first marriage.  So with the re-introduction of the man who, shall we say, was her first, this will be an interesting read ☺.

In the beginning when the two are (re)introduced to each other I wondered how they would react. Did not take long for Paige to ignore the fact that she knew him. I thought that would be hard since when she did think of him she remembered him as:

“tall, broad shoulders, handsome. A great kisser. Adventurous in bed.”

Does that sound like a woman who can easily ignore Jack King??? I think not! So this reader knew there would be some serious heat…at least on the part of Paige finding Jack attractive. And on the flip side – Jack had definite thoughts on that one night in Paris as well. 

As the two work their way through co-teaching, you can just feel the palpable tension between them. It takes a long time for Paige to admit to herself that she is still interested in Jack. But when they discover they are mutually interested in each other – the sparks fly (with mega heat).  Of course – where would a love story be without a misunderstanding? But once they get past the few bumps in the road (both literally and figuratively) – well – lets just say it is HOT.

Given the state of the world and apprehension for travel due to the pandemic – I was happy to read about a passion of mine (travel) as the characters took a weekend trip to Yellowstone National Park and then to Arusha, Tanzania (albeit this was part of the course they were teaching at the college, but still).

I quite enjoyed all the references to Canadian cities – loved being able to relate to the locations ☺! I also loved the Indiana Jones type vibe I got from Jack – a man who travels all over the world for his job and loves it. But yet – when it comes to incorporating the right love into his life – they make it work.

As an introduction to the writing of Jane Porter, this was truly a wonderful start. Ms. Porter’s writing is easy to read, her portrayal of characters in their mid-life story engaging in a more mature relationship was done well. I would not hesitate to pick up the second book Flirting with the Beast in this series (when it has been published).