2 Stars

Fire Rising

Dark Kings, Book #2

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250041371

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fire-rising-donna-grantTristan is still unsure of where he fits in life.  He doesn’t know why he was made into a Dragon King, or why he looks just like the deceased Warrior, Duncan Kerr.  He’s feeling the pressure to get to know Duncan’s twin from all sides, but he doesn’t know if he really wants to.  He doesn’t remember anything after all…

Sammi doesn’t allow herself to love, not after her mother passed away and obliterated her heart in the process.  She can’t afford to ever feel that horrible again.  She takes pride in running the pub her mother and she purchased.  That is until her ex made friend that’s been helping with her business gets in over his head with the mob and they blow the pub to smithereens!

Now Sammi is on the run for her life and goes to the only place that she can feel safe, for even a day, To Dreagan where her sister, Jane, and her husband live.  The place where Sammi meets Tristan and is forever changed…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a Donna Grant book and I was excited to delve into this one.  It had a decent enough storyline, although it was missing the majority of the steamy sex scenes I expect from Grant.  There was only one in this book, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Tristan has been struggling with his own identity and how exactly he fits in with the Dragon Kings and Warriors.  But after touching Sammi he can no longer deny his connection with his twin, Ian.  The memories start coming back and he knows that he is Duncan.  He’s just not sure if he wants to face that reality or what to do with it.

The storyline is building to a war with the Dark Fae and I did enjoy seeing some of the Warriors I met in Grant’s other tales.  I’m curious to see what roles they will play in this future war, as it’s clear the Kings will need to call upon every resource they have if they are going to have a chance to survive it!

Overall this was an okay read … I wanted to like it more, but it just didn’t grip me like some of Grant’s other books have.