Finding Fraser

By K.C. Dyer

ISBN# 9780994081

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finding-fraserEmma met Jamie when she was 19.  He was perfect.  Strong, loyal, dreamy, and … fictional.  But that doesn’t stop her from loving the Outlander heartthrob ten years later.  Yes, we’re talking about THE Jaime Fraser!  And, who can blame her …. he does kind of stick with you over the years.

Now Emma is 29 and her life is a wreck.  She just got fired from her job, her love life is non-existent and she’s frankly tired of her life in Chicago.  What better time to sell all your worldly belongings and go on an adventure?  Her mission?  To go to Scotland, follow in Claire’s path and find her real life Jaime Fraser and blog about it along the way.

But what happens when she’s out of cash with no Fraser in sight?  And, what happens when you discover that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places, when what you really want is right under your nose?

I do enjoy the Outlander series, although I had to put it aside when Jaime started doing stuff that annoyed me in the middle of the series, always with the intention of going back to it eventually.  But I have to say that the synopsis of this book intrigued me.  And luckily Emma just focuses on the first book so it didn’t give anything away!  And, now I really want to go back to Scotland and the Outlander world!

I really wasn’t sure about this book in the beginning as it was written mostly as a fictional memoir through Emma’s blog posts, with little snippets of what led to those posts.  But as the book continues we do get more and more of the happenings of her life and less and less blogging, the loss of her laptop does help that!  Then when she thinks she’s found her Fraser, it starts to get interesting!

I liked the different characters that Emma met in Scotland.  I especially love Ash!

“An incredulous look spread across his face. “Fer fook’s sake, Emma–don’t tell me ye haven’t done the nasty, yet? What’s the matter wi’ yeh?”

I punched him in the arm. “Shut up,” I hissed. “I have no intention of discussing this with you. You’re–You’re just a child!”

I stomped back into the kitchen.

“A child who’s plainly gettin’ more than you,” he yelled after me.”

But whenever someone was taking advantage of Emma, I could see it a mile or two away!  She was a little slow on the uptake.

I did see the ending coming a bit, but overall this book was pretty sweet.  I think Outlander fans will enjoy it as long as they go into it realizing it’s NOTHING like the Outlander books!

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