by Michelle_Buonfiglio on

Somewhere between ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and the rise of bands of vampire brotherhoods, we romance readers became a bloodthirsty lot of chicas.
That’s why the idea of being taken vigorously on the floor of a fetid Turkish prison cell by a starving half-beast who’d as soon gnaw apart our steaming viscera as ravage our virgin flesh is just about the hawtest romance novel scenario a girl could dare imagine!

Luckily for us, Sharie Kohler – aka Sophie Jordan, she of the well-mannered, yet sensual Regency romance – has created ‘To Crave a Blood Moon’ , and an entire Moon Chaser series of intensely entertaining and wickedly sexy novels of hell-bent adventure ’bout a bunch o lycans (werewolves), hybrids and the lovers who wend their ways into soft, squishy werehumanity.

How does a group of Really Awful Werefolks get a good-guy, half-breed lycan hunter to head over to the dark side and give into his basest werewolf nature?  Easy! Well…not so easy if we’re talking half-were Sebastian Santiago.  They can starve him for weeks and toss into his cell a gorgeous innocent when the moon’s full and the hunger’s upon him.

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What do you love about werewolf romances?  How much blood and gore can you take along with your romance lovin’?