Title: Final Shadows

Series: Bishop Files Trilogy

By:  Kay Hooper

ISBN: 0515153354 (ISBN13: 9780515153354)

Author’s Website:

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A desperate underground war with the survival of millions at stake looms in the electrifying conclusion of the New York Times bestselling Bishop Files Trilogy.

Tasha Solomon’s world turned upside-down when the psychic abilities she had tried so hard to live with in secret suddenly made her a target stalked by unseen enemies. 

John Brodie is by nature, by training, and by instinct a Guardian. He is a member of an intricate and secretive network of individuals who have devoted their lives to the deadly struggle of saving psychics in danger of being taken or being killed. It is a war very few other people even know exists, and yet its tentacles stretch deeply and dangerously into every aspect of society.

Tasha has abilities not even she is aware of, abilities that the other side would give virtually all they possess to destroy. And if being hunted like an animal were not bad enough she has to learn how to become a warrior in a battle she did not choose, to save people she does not know, and possibly even the very world around her. 

If John Brodie can keep her alive long enough. (Goodreads)


Final Shadows is the third book in the Bishop Files Trilogy by Kay Hooper. I have been a fan of Kay Hooper’s for a while and I must say, Final Shadows does not disappoint, though I wish it had not taken three years to finally be able to read the conclusion in this trilogy. Happy to report that many questions I had at the conclusion of book 2, A Deadly Web, have now been answered. It all comes together in a neat, well written ending. Maybe too neat?  

The final battle is upon Bishop and his group of psychic’s. We get much insight into Murphy. And no, I will not say to much about her, but suffice it to say that I was taken by surprise. I found the evolution of Duran intriguing. Murphy and Duran have history…

Your relationship with Duran could be another key.”

Murphy winced. “Relationship. Gotta be another name for two enemies who trust each other about as far as either one of us could throw a Buick.”

If ever one had a hatred for a fictional character…it is Sebring. Many bad things seemed to happen and most – attributable to Sebring and her leadership. 

I was so upset (as was Bishop and his gang) at the loss of the unborn babies and their host mothers by the fire that was deliberately set. Bishop and crew definitely put blame upon themselves for not being able to stop the annihilation of the home the mothers and unborn babies all lived in. All of the babies were psychics, not “latents”. The mystery is who would want to kill all of them? Never fear, eventually that mystery is solved.

There were some twists and turns throughout the story, which kept me guessing. The introduction of a few new characters added more depth and intrigue, though at times I needed to keep a list of who was bonded to whom. Once I got that all straight, it was easy to identify the couples. And I really enjoyed the introduction of Pendragon…a cat with attitude and then some ☺.

The writing certainly allowed for much emotion, especially surrounding the death of the innocents! At times a bit slow, but that may well have been me trying to keep all the characters straight. Once the story got to the point of everyone working towards getting the “bad” guy (actually – gal) … the pace picked up and the flow improved.  All in all, a decent conclusion to the trilogy.

My one complaint about reading books in a series generally is that time passes in between books so….it has been nearly four years since I completed book one, The First Prophet. Now that I have read the third book in the Bishop Files trilogy, I am inclined to go back and read the three books in quick succession. Regardless, I am still a huge fan of Kay Hooper and can’t wait to see which of her titles I shall read next.

I shall patiently await Ms. Hooper’s next book with baited breath!

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