OBS has put up together some of their favorite Lost episode to give you an idea on what you’re missing out on. Fans of the TV series Lost must know them like the palm of their hand, so give us your opinions and tell us which other you would have liked to see. Enjoy!

Brought to you by OBS founder Dawn and OBS Staff member Katlyn.

Season 1-3 by Katlyn

Season One:

Pilot, Part One (1×01)

The very first episode of Lost is my absolute favorite episode of this season. In this episode, all of the main characters are introduced, alliances are made, and the story begins. The leadership position is quickly filled by Jack and it’s obvious there are others who want nothing to do with exploring the Island. Jack, Kate, and Charlie explore the Island to find the fuselage and when they do, they are faced with the biggest monster of the Island. This monster tears up the pilot so gruesomely it leaves an impenetrable fear among the survivors.

Season 4-5 by Dawn

Season Four:

Episode 4.5, The Constant.

The Constant focuses mostly on Desmond and Faraday. Desmond, Sayid and Frank are headed to the freighter on a helicopter.

Once there, Desmond starts having serious problems with time jumping and it affects his physically. I was worried he might die, but we get to see him speak to Faraday and Penny as he jumps around.

This is one of my favorite episodes because we learn a lot about time travel and the necessity of a constant. We also get to see some of Faraday’s early work and experiments.

My favorite part is when Des finally gets to speak to Penny. He’s been dying to be with her for years and finally he gets to hear her voice. They exchange I Love You’s right before they’re cut off. So romantic!!!

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What do you think of these episodes? Which ones were your favorites from all the seasons? What do you expect to see on the new season?