While we don’t want to ruin the plot for any latent Twi-hards, ever since Eclipse started filming we’ve been dying for a sneak peek of Bella’s wedding dress. In the meantime, we reached out to some of our favorite designers (Christian Siriano’s sketch at left) to see how they envision her gown.

In Eclipse, Bella’s dress is described as an early 1900s design (which complements her antique engagement ring) with friend and Maid of Honor Alice Cullen’s modern tweaks to the train and veil. “You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie,” Bella’s mother says to the bride-to-be when she spies her in the gown in the final book, Breaking Dawn. “It’s gorgeous! So graceful, so elegant.”

Check out all of these dresses here.
*Thanks Em!*
WOW…These are some really lovely designs. I love the gown designed by Max Azria; it has that timeless but vintage feel that only a lovely lace gown can offer. The Lela Rose dress is gorgeous as well. But it may be a bit too modern for what I envisioned Bella wearing.
Which dress do you like best?
Do any of these dresses look like Stephenie Meyer described Bella’s dress to you?