Amanda Bell from brings us a view of the actors fans have in mind for the roles of Stephenie Meyer’s book ‘The Host’, which hopefully soon will see on the big screen. 🙂

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The Host follows the ninth life of “Wanderer,” a “soul,” who makes her way to Earth for the first time as a human being. Her host body, though, becomes a strange thing for Wanderer because the human soul of Melanie, the body, refuses to disappear and make way for her own cognitive control.

In September, the news came out that this book was, like most of Meyer’s other books, going to be made into a film. After the initial reports, Meyer expressed an interest in what fans would have to say about potential castmates for the future film. Despite the unending excitement going on in the Twilight film series world, many fans have been putting together their own set of suggestions for that very thing.

The characters which are most ardently discussed by fan-casters are, naturally, Melanie, Jared, Jamie, Jeb, and Ian.

Actors thrown into the hat of suggestions for the character Melanie are (and this is not an exhaustive list, of course) Sophia Bush, Megan Fox, Camilla Belle, Olivia Wilde, Summer Glau, Milla Jovovich, Natalie Portman, Amanda Peet, Evangeline Lilly, Rose Byrne, Eliza Dushku, and Jodi Gordon. A common trait amongst some of these women is the sense of strength and toughness that Melanie Stryder embodies in the book.

For Jared, the consensus is pretty strong amongst the fans that Jensen Ackles should play the part, but other suggestions also linger such as James McAvoy, Jesse Metcalf, Benjamin McKenzie, Jared Padalecki, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Matt Damon, and Chris Evans (with a few Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan pluggers along the way). The thing about the character Jared is that he has to be fierce and ruthless at times, but he has to also be a softy deep down.

With Jamie, the casting is especially fun because he is a character that is young, curious, tolerant, independent, and exceptionally wise and kind. He is also the character that Melanie (and by association Wanderer – “Wanda,” by then) has the deepest affection for. Some suggestions have included Logan Lerman, Josh Hutchenson, Allan Hyde, and Justin Bieber.

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I like that fan made poster, and the trailer are good too. As for the actors, I like Jensen Ackles and Josh Hutchenson for their respective roles and Sophia Bush. Which ones are your favorite for the roles? How do you feel about the Host being a movie? do you have any one else in mind for the characters? Give OBS your opinions!