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Fan Fiction Highlight: The Iron Court
Author: little-miss-tiger
Description: (A Iron Series Fan Fiction)
Takes place after the Iron Queen. A certain winter knight finds his way back to his lady’s side again, and our favorite summer fae, Puck, finds his childhood love.
Chapters: 2

Short Preview:


I watched the ice creep up the windows, engulfing the glass in a layer of blue and white.


I touched my finger to the ice encased window, as if that simple movement could undo what I had said, and bring him back. I sniffled slightly, feeling tears start to rise. A cold feeling spread through the room, and I bunched the quilts up around me. Beau nosed her way through the blankets and rested her head against my knee.

For a second, I was brought back our time in the midst of what was then the iron kingdom. That night when I had stayed curled up against Ash, neither up us aware of what would happen the next day. Neither of us aware of the tears, or the pain it would bring. The memory brought another round of fresh tears, and I pressed my face into Beau’s warm fur. The cold feeling increased, and the ice on the window cracked.

The crack made my head snap up, and my eyes scan the room. Sighing disappointedly, I scolded myself for even thinking that Ash would return. I had undone his vows, and pushed him away. He should hate me now. And with all these girls walking around the mortal world and Fey, he probably already had another lover, just like I had told him to. I felt a stab of jealousy and pain for the girl I envisioned he was in love with. I already started to hate that imaginary girl.

Beau whimpered, and I buried my face back into her brown fur, letting it soak up my tears.

A tiny packrat scampered up to the bed and looked up at me with tiny little black eyes. Beau lifted her head, sniffed the air, and bounded out the room. I watched Beau leave, and then turned my attention back to the little rat. In its hands, was a broken teardrop charm. A bit of moss covered the cracks, and a small flower blossomed from the largest crack. The whole charm was incased in a thick layer of glassy blue ice.

My skipped a beat, and I looked wildly around for Ash. Or Puck. Anyone. But the only faery I saw was the gremlins and the little packrat. I forced a smile at the packrat, but the smile was ruined by the tears I couldn’t control, sliding down my face and racking my body. The little packrat scaled one of the bed legs and scampered next to me, patting its little hand against my arm, chattering away in little squeaks and squeals.

I smiled through my tears, gathering a long, shaky breath. That was when a gremlin came through the door. Razor.

“Razor came to tell Master. Summer calls Master!” The little gremlin said, showing off a set of neon blue teeth. Meghan’s mind spun. Summer? Oberon. She nodded and followed the Razor out of the room and through a thicket of thorns and rosebushes.

They came to a large room that glowed with a creamy white light. Fountains of water poured from the walls and snaked into small streams around the table in the middle, only accessible by the small, flat stepping stones. At one end of the table sat Oberon and Titania, and some other important members of the Seelie court. At the other end sat Mab, and the important members of the Unseelie court.

Forcing a smile, I took the empty seat between the two courts.

“Meghan Chase,” Oberon said, nodding to me. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. He called me his daughter when I saved Nevernever. Now, sitting at the large table as the Iron Queen, he regarded me with harsh indifference, as if I was no more than one of the satyrs lying steaming bowlfuls of soup and food on the table in front of us.

As soon as the last of the satyrs left, Mab rose from the table. The meeting began.

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