Here at OBS we all love to read! What happens when one of our favorite series ends? Many of us look to Fan Fiction to get our reading fill. But what if you have never read any Fan Fiction before, or you’re just not sure if you want to because the actual author did not write the material? That’s where we come in, OBS is here to bring you some of the best Fan Fiction out there. We guaranty that you will enjoy it!

Fan Fiction Highlight: Kicking and Kissing
Author: Angel de Escribir
Description: (A Wake Fan Fiction)
Janie sneaks into Cabe’s dream and stays, how will he react?
Chapters: 1

Short Preview:

I am in the crook of my boyfriend’s body, listening to his steady breathing as he sleeps. I felt that feeling surge through me, and I get pulled into his dream. I see me, through his eyes. He thinks I’m beautiful, with my hair so shiny and my skin so luminous.

I feel the heat from his body in the real world as I see myself walk to myself and touch my shoulder, with Cabel’s hand. I look back at myself and smile. It turns steamy quickly in the dream, I can feel the arousal of my boyfriend’s body in the real world as well. His body moving against mine, squirming for what he craves: Love and me.

I think of pulling out of the dream, but stay. I want to see what he wants, then try to give him what he wishes to receive. I feel my body move against his in the dream, in such a realistic fashion. I moan, wanting more. I shake my head mentally, thinking bad Janie, don’t. But I want to, that was what my more animal side replies. I smile at my mental self when I win and get what I want. I stay in the dream and continue feeling the pleasure of Cabe’s body against mine. How hot it is, I think.


The Next Morning

I wake up before Cabel and go into the kitchen. Eat. I go downstairs, work out for a couple hours. Come back upstairs, sleep on the couch. I wait for Cabe to wake himself and me up. I hear footsteps in my sleep and feel weight come down on top of me. I awake and groan, Cabe on top of me this early was comforting yet I was too tired to get pulled into sexual pleasure.

“Hey, Cabe,” I say then mutter, “get off, please! It’s too early for this!” He laughs, “Then why did you wake up so early?”

I think for a moment, “You have a point, but seriously. It is. Early! Especially after that dream you had..” I wink at him, he blushes.

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