Fan Fiction Highlight: “Clockwork Heart”

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Fan Fiction Highlight: Clockwork Heart
Author: Leanne Golightly
Description: An Infernal Devices fanfiction
A brief glimpse into Will’s POV during some of the favorite moments in Clockwork Angel.
Chapters: 2
Rating: M (Nc-17)

Short Preview:

“Miss Gray?”

Her pupils were dilated as her eyes dropped from mine to neck level. For a moment, I forgot my urgency and where I was. I was alone in the dark, in a house of disrepute, and dangerously close to a pretty young girl.

“Where are we? Are we safe?”

For a brief second, I wondered about the meaning behind her words, but then realised that we were not yet free of the clutches of the Dark Sisters.

Turning away, the contents of the room soon snapped me out of my temporary haze. It was like Frankenstein’s laboratory, with human bodies strewn on tables and all manner of strange contraptions about.

Breaking a window, I called for Henry, but the warlocks burst in a blaze of blue sparks, obviously delighted that they had us cornered.

“Little Miss Gray, you ought to know better than to run. We told you what would happen if you ran again…”

“Then do it! Whip me bloody. Kill me. I don’t care!” Miss Gray yelled in reply. “I won’t let you give me to the Magister! I’d rather die!”

As stunned as the Dark Sisters, I stared at the human girl after her outburst. She didn’t want to be taken alive—a girl after my own heart.

“What an unexpectedly sharp tongue you have, Miss Gray, my dear,” said the shorter sister. “Perhaps if we cut it out of your head, you’d learn to mind your manners.”

I leapt down from the table and took a defensive stance between the feisty damsel and the downworlders who threatened us, hoping Henry had heard my call. The Dark Sisters taunted me.

“…has she told you what she is? About her talent? What she can do?” the warlock revealed. Miss Gray had a talent? I tried to bluff and keep the Dark Sisters talking.

“If I were to venture a guess, I would say it had something to do with the Magister.”

“You know of the Magister?” The taller sister eyed me dubiously, and then her gaze flickered over to Miss Gray. “Ah, I see. Only what she has told you. The Magister, little boy angel, is more dangerous than you could ever imagine. And he has waited a long time for someone with Tessa’s ability. You might even say he is the one who caused her to be born—”

Henry came to the rescue in a dramatic shower of bricks and mortar. I pulled Miss Gray—Tessa—toward me, shielding her as best as I could.

As the dust settled, the shorter warlock attacked and I flung my seraph blade in her direction, which pierced her chest with such flair it was certain that I could never repeat it. I could not help but be impressed with my own handiwork. Why did I always strike the perfect blow when Jem wasn’t there to see?

Needing someone to witness my moment of glory, I turned and gave Tessa a satisfied grin. She stared at me with a strange look in her eyes—not the admiration I was expecting. What was she thinking? She almost looked as if she disapproved.

What did I care if a complete stranger didn’t recognise an act of extreme skill and precision when they saw it? I didn’t care—at all. By the sounds of it, she wasn’t as human as she seemed anyway.

What was she?

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