A new month means all new fan art from a whole new theme. This month we bring you time travel, specifically the book/movie The Time Traveler’s Wife. Audrey Niffenegger’s dramatic story presents to us with a tale of timeless (literally) love. If you’re like me and you cry everytime you watch a romantic drama, then you will love this book/movie.

How the Hearts Blossom by Snow-Owl on deviantART.

Caro and Katie are off this week and therefore you are stuck with my opinions (which sucks for all these people, since I go to art college). Anyways, I really love pencil work images and this is, by far, one of the best i’ve come across for TTW. I have seen this image a lot when it comes to looking for fan art, but the reason I choose this one is because of the division between Henry and Clare and everything in between, instead of just the typical recreation of the original image.

Disappearing by Sing over my Radio on deviantART.

This is the first photo fan art we’ve had here on OBS, but it’s a pretty good one don’t you think? It’s amazing what a few stock photo’s and some photoshop can produce. I really love how the girl looks sadly at the ribbon as it floats away just out of reach. I also like how the disappearing parts are not just section of the girl, but run throughout her arm and dress. It just goes to show you, you can create great artwork without the ability to draw.

Clare and Henry by Comfortably Laura on deviantART.

This is a very different look of Clare and Henry than that of the movie and it really makes you go, “so that’s what Henry look like to ‘insert name here’.” Although it is digitally colored, the image still has the sketchy work underneath which really makes it look awesome (I don’t know why, but sometimes I like the sketch work better than fully clean images, it just proves that the work is done by hand rather than a digital render).

Henry and Clare by Gabriel Coronel on deviantART.

I really love this guys style. They are just so cute… I want to grab them and hug them and take them home with me. By the looks of it, I’d say this is a mixyure of ink and colored pencil and I really love it. The way that henry is fadding away as he holds onto Clare’s hand is endearing and really shows the sadness that this book has to it.

I’m really looking forward to the Time Traveler’s Wife chapter summaries for our book club. If you’re interested as well, check out our forum post here:
Time Traveler’s Wife Book Club

What do you think of the artwork? Have you read or seen the TTW book/movie? If so, how do you feel these images fit into the TTW story? Do they depict the character’s the way you imaged emotional or physically?