This week Caro and I are bringing you the last edition of Fan Art Madness: Time Travelers Wife. We’ve seen a lot of great art and even some photography. This week is no different.

Clair With Henry Plushy by FyreLilly on DeviantART.

This is just a cute drawing! A cartoon-ish version of Henry and Claire done even before the book was a movie and I like that about the author, she was a fan since the beginning. This reminds me of how Claire used to be to poor Henry when she was a child always treating him like a toy. (Caro)

After you’ve gone by suddenly-symour on DevaintART.

At first glance this piece almost looks like it is unfinished. But I think that’s what makes the picture. Claire’s expression looks so empty and with nothing going on in the background, it makes her look a little lost. I think this artist did a great job portraying how Claire felt after she lost Henry. (Katie)

Time T. Wife – First Date by Dioris on DeviantART.

I like that everyone has an image of what their favorite characters look like in their minds. And here we have a clear example. I like how light can be seen in part of their faces, skin and clothes giving it the feeling that they’re in a dark room. The fine features of their faces look really good too. (Caro)  

Clare and Henry by Meltingdoll on DeviantART.

All I have to say is this takes some serious skill. The artist drew this with only ink and then colored it with crayons. It looks awesome, could have came right out of a coloring book. There expressions are portrayed really well also, Henry looks so at peace. (Katie)

What did you think of this weeks art? Which was your favorite?