This week we are bringing you edition two of OBS Fan Art Madness featuring Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Travelers Wife. This week though we have thrown in a picture from another book, Beautiful Creatures. Since we are also featuring this book in our book club.

Time Traveler’s Wife by musis-amica on deviantART.

I really like how good the author of this piece captured Clare’s expression. The Shadows on her hair and the light on her lips gives it a natural look. I think that Clare captures more the attention of the eye, but then it leads you to Henry and the rest of the details, letting you appreciate all the drawing. (Caro)

The Time Traveler’s Wife by hypandom ondeviantART.

This Artist uses a lot of great symbolism. The old grandfather clock adds a certain touch to the drawing. And having the heart being the center of the clock that controls everything, was a great idea! While every piece of art is great in its own way. I always seem to love sketches better. Which makes this a great example of how you can take a sketch and use photoshop to make it even better. (Katie)

The Time Traveler’s Wife by blackmamba08 on deviantART

Being someone who loves photography, I find this picture really interesting. Using the field as a background was an absolutely great choice. Especially because the picture was taken while everything was moving, it just adds to the stopping time feel. Don’t event get me started about the couple! It looks amazing, the way they have “Henry” dissolving and going into the wind, really looks just breath taking.  (Katie)

Beautiful Creatures by skellingt0n on deviantART

When we like a book so much and want more, our thinking caps appear immediately and the creativity flows. This is a quite an example, and I like all the elements that are used, but I would have liked for the moon and its clouds to go on the back of her hair. As the author says, it’s a 100% fan made poster. I’d like to hear your opinions, is it fit for Beautiful Creatures? (Caro)

What did you think of this weeks fan art? Do you prefer hand drawing or photoshop?