This week Katie and I are bringing you a special Fan Art Madness dedicated to the women of some of our favorite supernatural books. They are strong in so many ways and have friends that love them. They are leaders and even in some stories the hope to survive. Enjoy!

Sookie Stackhouse by Nikie

I like the way her hair is done, the different shades of color give every curl its own movement. The proportion of her head with the look in her face gives her quite an attitude; no vampire will mess with Sookie Stackhouse. I like the author’s technique and every detail she put, even the bloody red background gives it its own style. (Caro)

Spell Time with Rachel, Ceri 2 by ValerieJB on DeviantArt.

This piece is so detailed, it’s amazing! Everything from the writing in Rachel’s spell book, to Mr. Fish on the window sill. It also captures everyone really well, Rachel always trying to learn more, Jenks and his love of honey, and the pixies getting into mischief. And to top it all off, the artist did this with only a mouse, now that’s talent! (Katie)

Wings: Laurel by oceanstarlet on DeviantArt.

I like how the author of the piece drew Laurel’s wings and gave it that sort of faerie dust around her makes you think of a real faerie. The colors used stay true to the book cover and that is really good when you’re drawing a fictional character for the first time, you have a source of inspiration. (Caro)

Wolf Gang by ebas on DeviantArt.

I always enjoy pencil drawings, I think this one might have to be one of my favorites. It totally catches the essence of Mercy, throughout her life shes been surrounded by wolf packs. Also the detail in this piece is great. (Katie)

What do you think of today’s Fan Art Madness? Who else would you like to see in the Supernatural Women?