Here is the third part of Fan Art Madness: Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Edition. We’ve got some different styles this week. Hope you enjoy!

Sookie and Bill – True Bood by keerakeera on deviantART

I love that even though this is a cartoon, the artist paid attention to little details. In the background you can see a black cat and Bill has a bottle of True Blood in his hand. They even catch the very essence of the characters. The way Sookie is just to cute! I could picture her in this outfit, bow and all. (Katie)

True Blood by Gigei ondeviantART

This is truly great! The picture captures the emotions wonderfully. Eric looking evil and conniving, Bill trying to pamper and trying to make up for hurting Sookie, and Sam just sitting in the side lines like a lost puppy dog. (Katie)

True Blood Cartoon

True Blood by Nessxxx on deviantART

I like how the author gave everyone a feature that represents them, Sam has its ears, Maryann her horns, Lafayatte his characteristic look, and all of them interact among them. A good technique for a cartoon. (Caro)

True Blood by IslaDelCoco on deviantART

I like how the author kept qualities of the characters and even though it’s a cartoon forms it looks great. The symbols or signs that come out of the characters give more emotion to the drawing. A very well done cartoon.(Caro)

Which was your favorite? Do you think cartoons can still show the same emotion in pictures?