OBS presents Fan Art Madness. In this new feature OBS Staff member Katie and I will be bringing you fan art inspired by some of your favorite books, movies and TV shows. You have no idea how many talented fans there’s out there, it’s madness. So now, if you had a problem picturing a character or a scene in a book, we have some really great images to help you get an idea. And since it’s New Moon November, we’re kicking it off with four new moon great fan arts. Enjoy!

Goodbye Edward, I love you.. by Grey-flow on DeviantArt.

“I saw him, and I had no will to fight. It was so clear, so much more defined than any memory. My subconscious had stored Edward away in flawless detail, saving him for this final moment.” The detail in this piece is really amazing; I love the colors and the technique that they used. The emotion in Bella’s eyes is so real, as she’s realizing that she doesn’t have it in her to fight the current any longer. (Katie)

Shes Dead by ~Palnk on DeviantArt.

Wouldn’t we want to see the scene where Rosalie tells Edward that Bella is dead?! I know I would. And this piece shows it well, we can see the shock and pain that Edward felt and Rosalie’s breaking news. The author captured a good mental image of both characters making the scene look great. She has a really good technique. (Caro)    

jane again by ~palnk on DeviantArt.

I always pictured her hair like that and the author captured it really well. I like the glow that her red eyes have giving her an evil look with a smile that hides her real face. The author even gave the piece a Volterra kinda background. “The wide-eyed, full-lipped face would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle. Even allowing for the full crimson irises.” In my opinion a good fan portrait. (Caro)  

The Volturi by ~Tilt5000 on DeviantArt.

Even though this piece isn’t colored, It still captures the Volturi wonderfully. I really like the detail she uses on their outfits, and how not all of the members are in their robes. They’re more in street clothes which would help them blend in. Jane’s outfit in particular catches my eye, the suit fits her well. (Katie)

What we liked about these pieces was that they were all based upon what the fan imagined and not based on the actors, which shows that we weren’t all that lost. Which one is your favorite? What do you think of these pieces?