In honor of the final season of Lost, this week we’re bringing you Fan Art based on the popular TV series. But not just only that, OBS will count down the days with something special for you everyday to celebrate the new season’s first episode on February 2nd. So stick around and enjoy!

Guest commenter today also is OBS founder Dawn.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes: Lost by Shlomit on DeviantART.

Love the Hurley art, he is one of my favorite characters because of his sense of humor. (Dawn)

Michael Emerson by Zindy on DeviantART.

This picture is really haunting, but in a good way. The lighting is awesome, along with the shading. And I feel that if I reached out and tried to touch the picture, I would be able to feel the texture of Micheal’s skin. (Katie)

The Temple by robd4e on DeviantART.

This image captures Ben’s craziness. I like the tablet and the profile drawing of Ben. (Dawn)

2 by IreneShpak on DeviantART.

I like the colors of their skins, how the blood flows down his cheek and neck and the way their hair looks real. The author captured good one of the exciting moments between Kate and Sawyer; their expressions and how their noses almost touch look amazing. (Caro)

Are you fan of Lost? What do you think of these drawings? Was any your favorite?

Remember to check back tomorrow, because we’ll have more Fan Art and special Lost features for you. Later, OBS readers.