This week Caro and guest contributor OBS staff member Rose, are bringing you the last edition of Fan Art Madness “Lost”. Today’s pieces are a little different than we’ve done in the past, today we are posting art that was recently showcased at Gallery 1988 . Enjoy!

The first one showing Juliet, Sayid and the polar bear, shows a lot of elements of the show (Rose).

I agree with Rose on this one, it does show a lot of elements, which makes it kind of busy. I find myself drawn to Juliet and Sayid because everything else is so dark. (Katie)

Shows the different experiments they do (Rose).

Very moody (Rose).

This is a good representation of what the mysteries smoke monster would look like 😉 I like the texture of the smoke and how the artist made it look different than just a smoke cloud separating it from the sky background. The water and little bird are also a good touch, makes you think what other thing than terrorizing the losties does it do. (Caro)

What did you think of this weeks art? Which is your favorite?