In honor of the final season of Lost, this week we’re bringing you Fan Art based on the popular TV series. But not just only that, OBS will count down the days with something special for you everyday to celebrate the new season’s first episode on February 2nd. As promised yesterday, here is another Fan Art Madness!

Guest commenter today also is OBS founder Dawn.

Jack Sheppard: Lost by Stevo-O-72 on DeviantART.

Awesome drawing of Jack in black and white. (Dawn)

Lost by quadrophobia on DeviantART.

This image has wonderful color, it stands out a lot. The characters look really realistic, but cartoonish in a way. I love looking at this picture, it looks like it belongs in a comic book. (Katie)

Lost by hughzy11 on DeviantART.

I really liked Charlie’s character and I hope that he comes back…but what I like about this piece is how the author made it look like they were under the island’s hot sun. The shadings on their skins and the expressions of the sun hitting their faces; their frowned brows and eyes give it a different feeling.(Caro)

Don’t You Let Go by RobD4E on DeviantART.

A perfect likeness of Juliet and Sawyer, I especially love the layered drawings showing numerous scenes from Lost (Dawn)

Are you fan of Lost? What do you think of these drawings?  Which was your favorite?