The month of June is filled with anticipation of the arrival of Eclipse the movie. Which is third installment in the Twilight Saga. And OBS is busy bringing you all things Twilight. Including featuring an Eclipse book club! So of course it only seem fitting that Caro and I bring you Eclipse themed Fan Art. Last week we showed you some great ‘Villain’ art and this week its all about scenes straight out of the book. These are pictures that are not inspired by the movie, so you wont be seeing the faces of Kristen, Robert, or Taylor in any of them. Enjoy!

Rosalie : Unhappy Ending by *Rinian

This is gorgeous! I just love when Bella gets to hear about Rosalie’s and Jasper’s past. This piece really resembles what I imagined when reading the book, I like the shadow of the window it makes that night atmosphere. And the way Rosalie is portrayed reminds me of her quote “Royce was my Prince. Someday I would be queen.” (Caro)

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