Here is the fourth installment of Fan Art Madness: Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Edition. We’ve got some great pencil work and some good photoshop work this week. So check them out and let us know what you think.

Sookie Stackhouse by S-von-P on deviantART.

I love how the artist kept the picture black and white, but had the blood in color. Gives the picture a little extra something. They also did a great job with shading. The picture looks just like Anna Paquin. (Katie)

True Blood Pam and Eric by Texas Bones on deviantART.

I like that the author of this piece kept the details of Pam’s dress really well, just like their expressions and other background details. I’m really bad when it comes to drawing fingers, so I really like how Pam’s hands look like. A food capture from when we first see Eric and Pam in True Blood. (Caro)

Eric Northman by Kittrose on deviantART

I’m always looking forward to Eric fanarts, and this one looks really great. But I would have liked for the background to be all black, so his skin color wouldn’t get so lost with light color behind it. It makes his eye look a little weird. Rather than that I love it, and if you’ve seen True Blood you will remember where that scene is from. (Caro)

Lafayette Reynolds by Artistic-Freedom on deviantART

The resemblance is great in this piece! But I think the shading could have been better, more blended. Still a good piece for any Lafayette lover. (Katie)

Which picture is your favorite? What do you think of each artists work and do you wish to see them do more True Blood stuff?

Happy New Year’s everyone.