“In the Beginning” – Prologue by chris


We meet gentlemen in his study drawing. He is contemplating the eyes of his inspiration. He concluded that he got them right, wondrous mischievous beautiful eyes. The man recalls the past few days that this woman has come to him, he has a regretful tone and we can’t be sure where the regret stems from. Only that he is saddened deeply by his action and some unseen force.

During his musings, this woman surprises him once again with a warm touch to his cold and lonely neck. During this brief exchange we learn that this man loves her, and he recalls how she has an ‘innocent attraction’ to him. He makes several references and comments leading us to believe that this woman and him have been together many times, implying that their past lives have ended up this exact way, just in a different place and time.

Memorable Quotes:

1. “He would never tell her otherwise – the secret was his to bear” – the gentleman page 3

2. “Then take me with you” – the lady page 5

3. “If I leave, I save your life” – man page 5

4. “Some things are more important than love. You won’t understand, but you have to trust me.” – the gentleman page 6

Questions for consideration:

1. Just by reading this prologue, where do you think this story is going?

2. What do you think happened to the women after they shared a kiss?

3. Do you have any predictions as to what exactly the mysterious couple have been through? *if you haven’t read the whole book yet*

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