Chapter 5 “The Inner Circle” by Chris


It’s finally Wednesday and Luce can make her ‘one’ phone call, she choose Callie. Luce hastily tries to explain her isolated situation to a frantic Callie, but with no such luck. So Luce chooses to talk about a boy, and not Daniel. She begins to tell her about Cam, but speaking of the devil and he shall appear. Luce’s 15 minutes are up, and she talk with Cam for a little while, and once again he roots Luce to her spot with his deep green eyes. As they are speaking, Daniel comes in and steals Luce’s attention. Cam invites Luce to his little party after the weekly social event, when Luce sees Daniel make an approving gesture she agrees, in hopes that he will be there.

The girls are in a hurry to make it to the auditorium for the Wednesday night social event. Luce has no idea what this event holds, she is wondering why they are in such a hurry to get there, it can’t be the great. But after they arrive, she soon learns why you need to get there early and get a seat. If you are the last person to arrive, you must sit by Mr. Cole and help with analyzing the findings of the mental health surveys passed out at the beginning of the film…very boring and causes you to miss the real social event, Cam’s after-party. During the movie, the shadows appear and take hold of Luce, making the few hours very excruciating.

Questions for consideration:

1. Given the way Daniel treats Luce, could he possibly get jealous of her and Cam? Do you think Luce will try to make that happen?

2. The shadows are progressing at S&C and have been more physical with Luce, why do you think that is?

3. Are you liking Cam, and if so why? If not, what about him seems off, too good to be true?

4. Luce overhears Gabbe and Daniel having an argument, reading it the first time what was your reaction? Did you believe what Luce’s does?

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