True Blood
Season 6, Episode 5
Episode Title: F the Pain 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

sookie-warlow-True-Blood-Season-6-Episode-5-F-The-Pain-AwaySookie and Warlow continue their confrontation.  Warlow tells her they are destined to be together and that he loves her.  She asks why he killed her parents if he claims to love her.  He tells her that her parents were trying to kill her and that he in fact, saved her life.  Then, Bill shows up and Sookie thinks he’s trying to save her, but he’s actually there to get Warlow claiming to be his maker and Warlow reluctantly goes, being forced by the maker bond.

Andy goes into Bill’s to find his daughters dead; all but one of them.  He takes his surviving daughter to the police station and digs through the evidence locker until he finds some V.  He then feeds it to his daughter.  She later tells him what happened and he wants to go get revenge for his daughters, but Holly stops him.

We see several flashbacks of Warlow’s memories and we see Lilith making him, and later him killing her.  Now that Bill has taken over for Lilith, Warlow once again has a maker.  Bill ends up locking him up with the scientist and Warlow threatens to kill the scientist.  He tells Bill that he wants the extinction of the vampire race because they ruined his life.

Jason comes home to find Sarah Newlin waiting for him.  She claims she wants to save his soul.  She then details her past with Steve and now the mayor and tells him that she thinks God wants her to fuck him, which he then obliges.  They are later awakened by Jessica frantically knocking on his door yelling for him.  She is still high from the fairy blood and is wondering if Bill is the devil and that she’s been serving him.  Sarah comes out her and Jessica get into a scuffle.  Only for Jessica to be delivered into the hands of the vampire police.

jessica-sarah-f-the-pain-awaySeveral of the vampires arrive at camp: Jessica, Pam, Tara, Eric, & Willa.  They see some of the things they are being forced to do.  Pam is taken in for a therapy session.  She originally resists, but is offered a live donor as long as she cooperates.  When asked about her maker, she tells them that he released her and means nothing to her now.  But when Pam and Eric are locked into a room to fight to the death they sit and stare at each other in shock.

Sookie has Lafayette channel her parents and discovers that Warlow was telling the truth.  Her father then jumps into Lafayette’s body and tries to finish what he was trying to do the day he died.  He puts her in the trunk, takes her to a lake and forces her underwater.

Alcide and his dad go looking for Sam & Emma.  While looking around at a bar for anybody who has seen them.  Alcide’s dad asks him if he’s doing this because he feels its right or to impress Rickie.  Alcide shoves him around and tells him to leave, which his dad then asks for money to get home, but then does as Alcide wishes.  He later sees Sam and Nicole at the hotel he’s at.

There was a lot going on in this episode, but ultimately I found it to be kind of dull.  I’m so tired of the new Alcide and I hate when these spirits take over Lafayette’s body.  I am interested to see what happens with Warlow and Sookie though.  And, I know Eric will find a way out of his current predicament.