Being on the set of True Blood is a one in a life time deal. The people over at have let us know that the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) has an auction going on.  The money raised from this auction goes to help ensure safe schools for every student.

One very lucky person can have the chance to win a non speaking role on HBO’s hit show True Blood. How cool would that be. Here are the specifics of what you could win.

Includes: a non-speaking, featured “extra” walk-on role on HBO’s hit series, TRUE BLOOD. Valid for one person however, the winner may bring a guest on set. Must be at least 18 years old. Availability is based on production schedule. Show tapes in LA. We can not guarantee that the scene the winner is in will make the final cut and be aired. The winner will be paid for their time (the minimum required to pay an extra or background artist) and therefore he or she should bring the paperwork necessary to complete the I-9 form.

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WOW! I wish I was old enough to do this. 🙂 I would love the chance to be on True Blood! And well even being on set would be enough for me … One word Alexander Skarsgard! Hehehe

Are you going to look into the details of this auction? Would you want to be an extra on True Blood?