A little about Annie: Imprint is my first book and there are others to follow, each tale I write is about life after death, because I work with those who have gone ahead. Like a lot of clairvoyants I never really had a choice about connecting with ghosts, and now I find using fiction as a platform I’m able to share what I do with others. Mind you I spent a lot of my life trying my best to disconnect myself from spirits, but eventually realised it was best to embrace the pathway or live in fear of it. I’ve never looked back after making my decision.

 I will not bore you too much about my lifestyle, I’m happily married with a teenage son and own two cats and a dog. We live in the north east of England in a small village.

My next book is out very soon with Pegasus and is called The Quiet Road, don’t be fooled by the title…..there’s plenty shocks under the cover. I’ve more stories in the pipeline, all filled with spiritual possibilites and anyone who likes poetry can view some on booksbeyondtheveil.


OBS:  In “The Quiet Road”, your main character is some one who is a skeptic of supernatural occurrences but, through his trips on the Quiet Road and the consequences on it, learns there is more to life and the afterlife than he realized. He also manages to open up other people’s eyes to this possibility. Is this an important message for you to get across to readers?

Annie: I think so. I do prefer to use fiction and then readers aren’t force to think in any mode. I’d like my stories to offer possibilities to inquisitive minds.

OBS: Is it hard for you to reconcile the ideas surrounding mental health/psychology and the experiences you have seen as a medium?

Annie: My work as a medium delivers so many things that others don’t/can’t relate to. So many things are explained in human domains, but there isn’t always the same attitude to spirit interaction. A lot of people want to dismiss it, remain neutral or avoid it completely.

OBS: How much of your overall life experiences shape what you write about?

Annie:  To me the world of spirit is a void. Within it are untold tales waiting to be recorded. Spirit people have just as loud voices as the living only with a different tone and my work with spirit continues to grace my writing. Most of what write is coloured by the world of spirit.

OBS: What would you consider your biggest drive that compels you to write?

Annie: My mediumship is my pen-friend! The written word offers me freedom in so many ways. No one can fully understand until they experience just one ghostly apparition for themselves.

OBS: Are the characters in your book ‘Imprint’ entities you have come across via your work as a medium?

Annie: Spirits often present themselves while I write or to spur me into writing. I’ve lost count of the spirits I’ve crossed paths with. The characters in Imprint came to tell the tale and only left words behind.

OBS: Where did you get the inspiration for ‘Imprint”?

Annie:  One day I was told to write Imprint, but I thought it was a poem. Turned out to be a story channeled for the reader to absorb.

OBS: Not to assume, but you believe in reincarnation, yes? If answer is yes…: How many past lives do you think you have had?

Annie: I believe in reincarnation and know that I have lived many times in many outfits.

OBS: The characters lives are connected through violent or selfish acts…do you believe all past lives are connected like they are in Imprint?

Annie: No I don’t. Imprint was an example of human behaviour, but just as violence can invade us, love and decency can present itself. Man never seems to learn in one life time so perhaps needs a few more to stretch different limbs!

OBS: Did you learn anything from writing ‘Imprint’? If so, what was it?

Annie: I learnt I had to write more…..

OBS: Who designed Imprint’s cover and why did you choose this image?

Annie: The cover of Imprint was designed by a graphic designer at Pegasus and when I first laid eyes on it I was shocked. The image captured everything and more about the witch. I believe the designer provided the perfect cover for Imprint and I phoned him to say thank you for his superb work.

OBS: What are you currently working on?

Annie: Pegasus are considering one of my children’s stories (not spooky) and I’ve quite few stories ready and waiting. At the moment I’m working on a tale called Xrossed and it is all about ghostly activity in every day life. I’ve another story raring to go, it is all done and dusted. It’s a story about a dead alcoholic- it will take the reader on a rollercoaster ride!

OBS: Are you reading any books? If so, what are they?

Annie: I’m too busy writing to find time to read.

OBS: Who is your favorite author and why?

Annie: I love Charles Dickens, because he opens the readers mind with such ease.

OBS: In regards to reincarnation… While living on life, would you want to be aware of other lives you have had, or do you think it best to remain unaware? Why?

Annie: I think it is best not to be fully aware of lives you have lived before. It can cause so many problems in so many ways. It would be great if every one had lived perfect lives. But everyone is different so what some can deal with others can’t. An old life isn’t a gentle breeze, it is a hurricane to contend with.

OBS: If you weren’t a medium, would you still write about the same subjects?

Annie: I wouldn’t write as strongly as I do, because I wouldn’t be so connected to the subject.

Thanks Annie for the great interview!

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