Our friends over at MYVAMPFICTION.COM have some exciting news. Their fan fiction archives called ‘The Dungeon” is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

They launched the archives on November 20th, and they already have a really good showing and some excellent, quality stories on the site. Now, they need readers and reviewers, so if anyone asks where they can find quality vamp-based fan fic, MYVAMPFICTION.COM is the place to go.

Here are a few of the highlights that MVF fan fic archives offers for their readers straight from the horses mouth:

“Two different “skins” to chose from to make reading easier. We have the regular skin, and a “grayscale” skin that simulates reading an actual book with the dark gray type on the light gray background. All of the admins and betas are avid fan fic readers, and we know how hard it is on the eyes after a couple of hours of reading. We think the grayscale skin will help readers enjoy their favorite stories for a longer amount of time

2) The Brothel! We know how much we love our lemons, so we created a category especially for lemony stories. The stories are all listed in their regular categories, but they are listed in “The Brothel” as well, so people who are looking for a little citrus action can go straight to The Brothel and have several quality stories to chose from.

3) We accept fics from the entire vamp spectrum. We know some people might think we are crazy for trying, but we have expanded the fan fic archives to include True Blood, House of Night, Blue Blood, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries and other vampire fiction series. Right now, we only have a smattering of fics from other series, but we would like to see that changed. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all quality vampire related fan fictin. We accept wolfpack and wolfpack-centric stories. We accept all fics as long as: the characters are based on a vampire series, the submission meets the requirements outlined in the Submission Rules, and the author hasn’t publicly stated that they don’t condone fan fic (ie: Anita Blake & Black Dagger Brotherhood fics won’t be published). If you or anyone you know would like to write a fan fic for a category you don’t see, contact us and we will be happy to add a category for you!

We are also running 3 contests at the moment:

The Post & Win Contest: Each time someone posts in specific threads of our “Lair” (ie: forums), they earn points. The member with the highest points on December 31st will win a $40 gift card to Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about this contest by Clicking Here.

The Read, Rate & Post Contest:

Each time you post a story, or leave a review in the “Dungeon” (ie: fan fic archives), you earn points. The member with the most points on December 31st wins a prize! We haven’t announced the prize yet, but stay tuned because it’ll be good! You can learn more about this contest by Clicking Here.

Sirenastarot’s “Anything but Twilight” vamp smut contest: There are SO many excellent vampire book series’ out there, and we are hoping to inspire our writers to step out of their Twilight comfort zone and try writing fics based on other series. This contest runs through January 13, 2010, at which time the MVF fan fic betas and admins will decide the 5 best stories. We will post a reader poll on the main fan fic site for readers to vote on the winner. The winner will get a custom made banner for their story and featured status on the site for a month. We will also advertise the winning story on the main page of the MVF blog. You can learn more about this contest by Clicking Here.

Starting in January, we will be doing lots of straight giveaways as well, so make sure to stay tuned!”

Sounds like a fan fic enthusiasts dream.  Be sure and check it out!