From newly bitten to centuries old, Vampire-Con had a delightful quantity of surprises to please even the most well-versed vampire academic. Despite the modest turn out, there were plenty of vendors, sights, and exciting information of upcoming books and movies to keep everyones attention.


Angela Aleiss, PhD and film historian, announced that film remakes/ new films were going to be made for the Vampire Chronicles Series written by Anne Rice. It has been rumored that Robert Downey Jr. will play Lestat in a Interview with the Vampire re-make, however, there is no credible confirmation(s) to support that statement. (Not to mention he would be TOO old to play Lestat) In an email to one of her fans, Anne Rice wrote:

“I cannot confirm this story. The negotiations are entirely in the hands of my agents. I know they are always working on setting up my books with good motion picture prospects. But I do not have anything specific to say on the matter right now. I am optimistic that we will see good movies in the future based on the Vampire Chronicles. When I do have news to report, I will post it on my website. I thank you for your interest. I can certainly confirm that the film of Queen of the Damned was a terrible disappointment to me and to many of the readers. Thank you for your letter.”

The Vampires and Sexuality lecture had a few surprise guests…

Contrary to circulating rumors, there was not a specific lecture nor vendor dealing with Twilight or True Blood merchandise, nor any other popular vampire franchise. Popular vampire films and literature were briefly mentioned throughout each lecture, but the main focus was on vampire history and it’s influence today.

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I wanted to attend this event but sadly could not afford it. I wish I had heard some of the lectures, they sound fascinating. I am intrigued by Vampire history and it’s modern influence.

Did you attend any of the lectures? What do you think of the lecture topics? Do they interest you? enough to possibly attend next year?