Not only is he knee-deep in promotion and post-production for Alice in Wonderland, Depp will once again be joining forces with Tim Burton in the vampire flick Dark Shadows, targeted for a 2011 release with filming beginning in 2010. Burton confirmed to the LA Times that Dark Shadows will be his next project as soon as he wraps up post-production on Wonderland.

Burton described the 1960s vampire soap opera as having the weirdest vibe to it, and it most certainly will again with Burton and Depp at the helm. The prolific Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil, has optioned the film, and Depp will be taking the lead role of the vampire Barnabus Collins, which he confessed was a lifelong dream.

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OK, this is REALLY exciting news! I will watch just about anything Tim Burton makes. Add Johnny Depp and you’d have to chain me to my couch at home to KEEP me from watching this movie! I haven’t seen the original Dark Shadows, but I have heard SO much about it. I am really excited to see this film!

Have you seen the original show, Dark Shadows?

Do you think Johnny will play a hot vamp?