EW’s Shelf Life has an interesting article/interview with PC and Kristin Cast:

On Tuesday, we showed you the cover of mother-daughter team P.C. and Kristin Cast’s sixth book, Tempted, in the best-selling House of Night series. P.C. and Kristin also chatted with Shelf Life about how they work together as a team. And for more with P.C., pick up this week’s issue of EW, on stands now.

EW: It’s very interesting the whole mother/daughter dynamic and working together and working on this series together, so tell me a little bit about the mother/daughter working relationship.

PCC and KC: We get this question all the time.

KC: I confer as an editor, almost. She will write the first draft, and I will go back in and fill in the parts that she hasn’t, like the descriptions, or similes and metaphors, or the the plot references. I do a lot of those. But if there’s a word that I can tell one of the teenagers wouldn’t use, I’ll change that and use the comment bubbles and put notes all throughout it, and she goes back and reads it and rewrites it and then we send it in.

Complete interview here.

Love this interview! It is so cool that they have such a close mother/daughter relationship. It’s a great example.

I very much enjoy their writing and more so now that I know a bit about them.

What do you think of mothers and daughters writing together? Did you know they were mother and daughter?