Eternal Shadows
By Kate Martin
ISBN #97816188770592
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Embrace your past, and find your future.

Vampires aren’t supposed to be real, and Kassandra is not supposed to be one of them. But now, world leaders, including her father, are being replaced—by vampires. And one day shy of her eighteenth birthday, she discovers she has fangs, a hunger for blood, and a body with abilities she can’t control.

Rhys, the vampire who changed Kassandra, is intent upon teaching her how to live as the undead. She learns that a stake or the sun won’t kill a vampire, but human blood is a necessity—an inescapable element of survival made all the more precious because the vampires are at war.

Her desires soon lead her into peril when she becomes a target in their enemy’s quest to expose the vampire populous to the human race. To make things worse, Kassandra begins to dream of Rhys in the past, and in the present she finds herself strangely attracted to him…as well as to the secrets he may hold. (Amazon)


I didn’t like Eternal Shadows at first. I began to enjoy it about half way through. Initially, I thought Kassandra (the main character) was one dimensional, just a whiny brat. And to be honest, it was annoying. I nearly gave up, but something compelled me to give it another go. I’m glad I stuck with it.

Kassandra began to redeem herself as I saw glimpses of a fighting spirit. She was always pushing back.
Kassandra questioned everything, wanting to learn. And she was willing to sacrifice herself for the people she loved.

Most of the secondary characters are fleshed out. Madge and Millie stand out, sisters who are polar opposites. I especially enjoyed Aurelia, who has been around a long time. She is just a bad ass vampire. I love that everyone can “feel” when an older vampire enters the room.

The idea of a blended family of vampires, each with their own position and responsibilities, was interesting. Each family member came from a different time in history, giving the reader a different perspective as they weigh in on decisions.

The chapters have very clever names. My favorite: “When In Rome”.

The only problem I had with the book is the relationship between Kassandra and Rhys. I could not understand what he saw in Kassandra and I still don’t. The question was brought up in the book but it wasn’t answered to my satisfaction.

That said, I loved the idea of separation through death and reincarnation. I also enjoyed the idea that vampires can’t be reincarnated, or can they?

I recommend Eternal Shadows as an interesting read.