Vampire Empire 2: The Riftwalker by Susan and Clay Griffith

I loved the first book, and the world building details I was hoping for are in the second. Not only are we moving into other areas of the Equatorian Empire, but deeper into Africa. Adele is learning more about the Geomancers and her mother, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on. We also get to see other varieties of vampire, including desert Gjinns and a clan living in mountains. The first part of the book reminded me of the Princess Bride. If it had vampires. I’m 2/3 of the way through, and I’m trying to slow down since book 3 doesn’t come out for a year.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I just bought this one, so I’m not very far in. But the ebook preview cuts off at a really exciting part so I had to find out what happens next. Heidi reviewed it and said she loved it, so I’m really excited about this one. I have always loved Dragons and this series seems like a cool new twist.

Magdalena #1 by Ron Marz

The Magdalena is a descendent of Christ, and is raised by the Catholic church, and employed by them to defeat evil. She has the inherent ability to see into the human heart, to show people the error of their ways and give them the choice to redeem their sins. There is only one in a generation, and she alone stands and takes arms against the evils of the world. Apart from the powers she is born with, The Magdalena wields the Spear of Destiny, the spear that pierced the side of Christ, as a holy and formidable weapon against the twisted and the evil. She occasionally appeared in the Witchblade series.

Since I’m still new to comics, I have a question: should I read the Magdalena series first, or Magdalena: Origins? The compendium for Origins was released before the one for Magdalena, but that doesn’t mean it’s the reading order. Thoughts?

What are you reading right now?