4 star rating
Entangled Moments
Moments in Time, Book #1
By Dori Lavelle
ISBN#  9781492997894
Author’s Website:  http://www.dorilavelle.com/

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entangled-moments-moments-in-time-dori-lavelleEntangled Moments from the author, Dori Lavelle is the first book in the Moments in Time series.  This novella focuses on the life of Carlene Adams.  Carlene is hiding out from life as she does not feel she deserves any better as a result of a deadly mistake made 4 years previously. An accident disrupted the future she’d hoped for by taking the life of the man she’d planned to spend forever with.  She has committed herself to paying penance for the rest of her life to make up for the one mistake.

While visiting a local church to light a candle for her deceased fiancé, she meets Nick.  They go for coffee and shortly thereafter, kiss.  This evokes change in Carlene’s whole outlook…maybe life can go on after Chris?  From that time on, Carlene begins to reclaim her life.

As the story is short, change is swift.  Carlene cannot stop thinking about Nick.  At her new job, Carlene flourishes and predictably, runs into Nick again.  The sparks are there but timing is not right….Nick is picking out an engagement ring with his fiancé.

Without going into further detail (don’t want to spoil the story after all), I found the story fast paced.  In then end (which came MUCH too swiftly), I was invested in Carlene’s life.  I was left with the desire to read the next book so that I can see how (or if?) the relationship between Carlene and Nick will play out now that the “big” secret was revealed.

I enjoyed the story and would recommend it should you need a short, engaging read.  Though….have the second book on hand….as I would have liked.

*The reviewer obtained a free e-copy of Entangled Moments from the author, Dori Lavelle, in exchange for an honest review.*