3 Star rating
Elizabeth’s Wolf
Breeds, Book #3
By Lora Leigh
ISBN# 9781419951374
Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

elizabeths-wolf-breeds-lora-leighAn injured soldier with no reason to live, no family to speak of, and no reason to pull himself out of his drug-induced coma.  That is until he is read the letters sent to him from a little girl, a little girl that needs him.  Now Cassie and her mother are his reasons to get better and live.  They are his and he will stop at nothing to stop the animals that are hunting them.

This is one of those stories that really makes you think.  You can’t read the beginning of this book, and not be faced with the tragedy of other soldiers in Dash’s situation, serving our country to assure our own freedom, but who has nobody to care for and write to them.  It makes me pretty sad and definitely makes you want to reach out to those brave men and women.

In the beginning of this book, I really liked Dash.  I loved his drive and determination to help this little girl and her mother that he’d never met.  I loved seeing all the trouble he went to in order to get them out of the dire situation they were in and to protect them at all costs.  But …. and you knew it was coming … I hate how Leigh can write this amazing character and then make me dislike his actions so badly.  Dash’s character suffers from one of my main complaints with Leigh’s writing, her need for these bossy dominate male leads.  There is always at least one moment where all the sweetness bleeds out of them and they turn into horny raging lunatics, demanding their mates to bow to them, and threatening punishment via anal sex.  I’m not a prude and have no problem with a little backdoor action in a book, but not when it’s forced or used as a disciplinary tool.  And, the girls always scoffing at them saying it will never fit gets extremely old, not to mention amps up the guy’s rage.  If you could take out all the pointless raging from Dash, I would probably love this story, but once he starts acting like an asshole, I can’t look back.  He loses major swooniness points, and never manages to get in my good graces quite like he was before it had happened.  And, Dash had several of these moments throughout the story, so no matter what he did after that, I just couldn’t completely get past it.  It made me extra sad considering he’s the lone solider character to remind us of those less fortunate or seemingly forgotten solders.

Elizabeth was an ok character, although unremarkable really.  But I thought her daughter, Cassie stole the show!  I loved her interactions with Dash, especially with her chocolate scheming…

“I don’t have any chocolate bars right now.”

She pressed her lips together as she placed two small fingers at the bridge of her nose and shook her head as though she had lost all hope for him. Finally, she sighed as though more than put out. Her eyes were twinkling, though, the shadows of fear easing.

“I’ll take you on your word then,” she sighed. “But you really should stock up on chocolate bars. It’s more precious than gold when dealing with kids, ya know.”

And, she and Kane were fun together as well, even though it was brief…

“I love her,” Kane suddenly remarked from the other side of the room. “God bless her heart. I love her.”

He was chuckling wickedly as he looked back at the Felines staring at him. “Wolves eat cats for dinner.

By God, I wanna be a wolf.” He looked at Sherra and growled.”

Speaking of Kane … his book is next up on my Breeds reading list and I can’t wait!  I just hope that Leigh doesn’t turn his light loveable character into a total jerk.  He isn’t a Breed, he has no excuse for the dominating bull crap afterall!