Kissed by an Angel, Book #3
Elizabeth Chandler

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Ivy is back in school after the terrible incident with the train that happened at the end of the previous book, The Power of Love, but she doesn’t remember anything about what happened that night.  Everyone thinks that the loss of Tristan was too much for her and that she decided to take her life by throwing herself in front of that train.

She has grown cautious around Gregory and when she finally starts believing the story Phillip is telling about angel Tristan helping him save her, she finally can see her lost love.  But when Gregory realizes that Ivy is on to him and what his intentions are is when he gets the most dangerous.

This book was really a step in the wrong direction for me.  I felt there were lots of things to build on from The Power of Love, but this installment went back to the world of predictability and was a big snooze.

First of all, you would expect this novel to pick up where the previous one left off with that sad excuse for a cliffhanger it ended on.  But no this one starts weeks after the incident and Ivy doesn’t even remember it??  How freaking lame!!  All she knows is what Phillip tells her.  It also left me wondering if she can’t remember what happened, then why is she suddenly suspicious of Gregory?

I found this book to be extremely boring as I could see most of the events coming from a mile away.  I expected her cat to get killed as soon as she found her with her flank shaved, it was only a matter of time.  And why if you felt your cat was in danger wouldn’t you take it elsewhere, like seeing if Beth could keep her for a few days?  No locking her in your room and later in your car makes way more sense…whatever.   And I didn’t believe for a moment that Will was involved with Gregory’s schemes the whole thing reeked of a set-up.  Although I will admit that I thought it was Gregory planting things to make Ivy lose trust in Will instead of Will setting-up Gregory.  But either way the author did not fool me into believing Will was a bad guy.

The only saving grace in this book was the ending.  Out of the first three books in the series, it’s the first ending that really felt like an ending.  The previous two felt incomplete to me.  And I liked how Ivy finally admitted her feelings for Will.

Although I feel that Ivy is the most fickle of main characters.  These first three books took place over the course of a handful of months and in that time she fell in love with Tristan, he dies, then she thinks she’s falling for Gregory, despite him being her stepbrother, and then falls in love with Will.  And the whole time she screams that she still loves Tristan.  If she can fall for two other guys in that short of time, I don’t think her love for Tristan was ever really that strong.  Not to mention, her neediness once she discovered Tristan was with her drove me batshit crazy.  I agree with Lacey Ivy always needs Tristan, so freaking annoying!

Overall this book was a major disappointment and I can’t even imagine what’s left to happen in the next two books that are already published.  But hopefully they will be more engaging and less obvious then this installment was.