Eclipse the Moon
Starlight’s Shadow #2
By Jessie Mihalik
ISBN13: 9780063051072
Author’s website:
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Eclipse The Moon starts a couple of weeks after the events of Hunt the Stars. Kee Ildez has spent the last nights scouting over the net and trying to find any leads regarding FHP Commander Frank Morten and the kidnapping of the Valovian Empress’s grandchild, but all the research is coming blank. She is limited by the low information that she can get from the net while on board the Starlight’s Shadows, and by her low mental state due to the continuous rejections she is getting from the Valoff Varro Runkow.

Since the first time Kee saw Varro, she knew that she wanted him, and ever since her love for him has increased, but all the flirting has done nothing to make Varro see her. Now Kee needs some time alone and takes a small vacation at the Bastion station and hacked their systems. She just needs to get her Captain Tavi on board.

Now, in her tiny room on board the Bastion station, Kee has set her eyes on the upcoming Fashion Show showcasing a collaboration of FHP and Valovian’s designers. Kee is 100% sure it’s a front for something, but she just needs to find proof, if she can survive her first night.

We are back to the universe of Starlight’s Shadow series with our intrepid group of mercenaries trying to solve the mystery of who is trying to set both nations back on war. I liked this series; it has been fun and entertaining tagging along with the inhabitants of the Starlight ship and seeing how their relationship with the Valoffs has grown since that last book.

This time Kee is the main character of the story with Varro as the brave and aloof Valoffs that is falling in love with the human. I liked Kee and Varro as a couple, they are a good match and help each other with the other’s missing qualities. Both of them are very smart, but they still learn from each other, and it is nice to see Varro take care of Kee during her space out because of her research sessions.

Even with the mysterious group trying to restart the war, we can see that the everyday citizens of both nations don’t want it and are making efforts to create relationships between the two nations. The Fashion show is the first big event, and its success will show that a peaceful relationship is possible. I liked the description of the dress and suits that we see in the show, with Kee’s rainbow color changing to match other pieces.

While we have learned about commander Frank Morten in the previous book, we get to finally meet in person this time. I liked how Kee and even Tavi will fight back and make him angry to lose control or get distracted. Clearly, she is just a pawn for the group trying to restart the war, but he does have followers and new equipment that is making it harder for the Valoffs to fight against them.

In Eclipse the Moon, we see the whole crew of the Starlight, Tavi, Eli, and Anja, while also the Valoffs Torran, Havil, and Chira. At the same time, we get to meet the designers’ Anna and Siarvez, and the youngest Prince of Valovian, Liang Nepru. There are other characters in Bastion station who seem to be playing bigger roles if given the opportunity, and others that I hope we meet again, such as Nick the bodyguard.

The story had a good balance of funny, action, and romantic scenes. Bastion station was the main focus of the story, but we get to see the group travel to the stations and fight their way out.

Eclipse the Moon was a good story that keeps the readers hooked up with the impending war and the mystery of who is behind it. I do wonder, who will be the next couple who will be the main focus of the next book now that they are going back to Valovian territory.

If you are a fan of Jessie Mihalik and her work, then I recommend Eclipse the Moon.