OBS is excited to bring you Stephenie Meyer’s 3rd installment of the Twilight Trilogy: Eclipse, for our June Book club in anticipation for the much waited upon movie next month! Join us in the forum as we will be discussing the chapters and reliving the journey

Preface- chapter 2 – by Katlyn

Chapter 1- Ultimatum
Chapter 2- Evasion

Bella is narrating the Preface. She is watching someone defend her although he is outnumbered. There is another fight going on and Bella wonders if she will survive to find out how that one ends. She stared into the black eyes of her assailant. And in background a wolf howled.

Jacob responded to Bella’s letter that pleaded for him to talk to her. He would write and scribble out his words until he finally told her he missed her too, but he was sorry they couldn’t talk. Bella figured as much but she still was hurting. Bella smelled smoke and ran downstairs where Charlie was attempting to make spaghetti. She cleaned up his mess and sat down for a rather disgusting dinner. Bella knew something was up so she waited until he was ready to talk. While she was waiting she was thinking about Edward and how Charlie allowed him over for a couple of hours each night, although when Charlie was asleep, Edward snuck into Bella’s room to spend the night. Charlie ranted about the murders going on in Seattle. After more silence, Charlie finally told Bella that he made dinner to soften her up. He wanted to give her ‘parole’ for being non-whiney under the condition that she spent more time with her friends, especially Jacob. Charlie told Bella she was hurting Jacob and that it would be good for Edward to have some competition. To change the subject, Charlie told Bella she had mail. It was an acceptance to The University of Alaska Southeast. Edward rang the doorbell and Bella answered it while in awe of him. Edward mentioned that he had more college applications to help Bella fill out. Charlie inquired where Edward was going to school and Edward mentioned Ivy League schools along with the University of Alaska Southeast, Bella held back her giggles. When Charlie left, Bella realized she was filling out an application to Dartmouth. She wanted to know how much the Cullen’s donated to get her that application. She was going to trash the applications but Edward grabbed them before she could and stuffed them away safely in his jacket. They quietly bickered about Bella being changed after graduation, and Edward pleaded her to have more human experiences before she changed. Edward pointed out it was no joke indicating the newspaper where the mass murders were taking place. This was the work of a newborn vampire. They got onto the topic of Jacob and Edward refused to let Bella see him because it was dangerous. Edward talked about Ephraim Black and how they Cullen’s thought the gene died there, and that werewolves were too unstable to be around. They went back and forth until they reached a stalemate: Bella thought Edward couldn’t stop her, he wanted to see her try.



“You and Billy gossip like old women,” I complained, stabbing my fork viciously into the congealed spaghetti on my plate.

I saved his eyes for last, knowing that when I looked into them I was likely to lost my train of thought. They were wide, warm with liquid gold, and framed by a thick fringe of black lashed. Staring to his eyes always made me feel extraordinary – sort of like my bones were turning spongy. I was also a little lightheaded, but that could have been because I’d forgotten to keep breathing. Again.

“You know how I am with tools. No pain was inflicted intentionally.” He shook his head, his face a mask of faux tragedy. “You killed it.”

Edward sat very still, a faint bright spot in the darkness, only his hands moving as he turned a mysterious black object around and around. He stared at the object as he spoke. “Alice called,” he murmured…”She got nervous when your future rather abruptly disappeared five minutes ago.”

Who do you think wants to kill Bella in the preface?

Who do you think will make the first move to see each other, Bella or Jacob?

What do you think is going through Bella’s mind as she thinks about the terrible newborn vampire threatening humans in Seattle?

What do you think Alice saw in her vision? Do you think Edward is telling Bella the truth? Or is he trying to distract her with the sudden trip to Florida?

Bella’s first attempted escape was foiled, how do you think she will attempt to get around Alice next time?