Drop Dead Gorgeous

By Lauren Landish

ISBN# 9798705393589

Author’s Website:  http://www.laurenlandish.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Zoey Walker knows what people say about her.  She’s cursed.  Some even say she is the bringer of death.  Her nickname is Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Boyfriends have had freak accidents after getting involved with her and both her parents and grandparents have died unexpectedly.  And, Zoey blames herself for all those incidents.  She’s the county coroner which just adds fuel to people’s fire on her weirdness.  So, she sticks to herself.  With only her close friend, Holly, and her brother/son, Jacob, in her circle of friends.  She’s scared to get close to anyone else, always afraid of what accident will befall them. 

Blake Hale sells life insurance.  He can quote you the strangest of statistics.  So, he may take a risk on occasion, but you can rest assured he has done the full threat assessment and knows the odds for any outcome.  And, yet he never saw himself getting in a fender bender.  Let alone being hit by the beautiful Zoey.  She may be ready to move on and leave him as a distant memory.  But he’s finding himself completely enthralled by her and he can’t get her out of his mind. 

Then, one of Blake’s clients starts pushing for a faster payout after her husband’s death, causing suspicion.  Come to find out that Zoey was the coroner on record for Mr. Horne and she found the widow’s behavior strange as well.  The sheriff feels it’s a simple open and shut case and refuses to dig into it further.  It leaves Blake and Zoey no choice, but to launch their own investigation.  And, the more time they spend together the more Blake wears her down about seeing him!  Can the two get to the bottom of what Yvette Horne has been up too?  And can Zoey take a chance on love or will the unthinkable happen to Blake too?

I enjoy this author, but I found this book to be quite a bit different from her other offerings.  This novel has the romance aspect that you expect, but it seems to take a backseat to the mystery that’s unfolding. 

The characters were okay, but I didn’t find anything that really stood out about either Zoey or Blake.  They were a couple of trivia nerds and were apparently meant for one another.  However, I found the book a bit dull at times.

Honestly, I was more interested in Holly and Jacob then the couple I was supposed to be reading about!  I can only hope that Landish has a book in the works for them as well and that I’ll enjoy it more than I liked this one.