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The Driven Trilogy, Book #1
By K. Bromberg
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Predictable, structured, and disciplined. That’s Rylee Thomas to a tee. A woman willing to do anything to help “her boys,” the abused and traumatized young orphans that her nonprofit cares for. That’s the only reason she accepts the impromptu bet from an intriguing stranger after finding herself in an unexpected predicament during her company’s fundraiser.

The stranger wagers that she’ll agree to a date with him by the night’s end or he’ll donate a hefty sum toward her nonprofit’s new project. Sexual chemistry be damned, Rylee swears that resisting him won’t be a problem. In fact, winning for her is about more than just the money; She welcomes the chance to knock his rampant ego down a notch. And all of this happens before she knows that this irresistible yet exasperating stranger is Colton Donavan.

Yes, that Colton Donavan.

A woman who never goes back on her word, what’s Rylee to do when Colton pulls a fast one and wins the bet? She thought she’d do anything for ‘her boys,” but a date with the philandering racecar driver? That’s a line she’s not willing to cross.

Even though sparks fly, Rylee quickly smothers them. Colton is arrogant, impudent, achingly handsome, and famous for his no-strings-attached attitude toward the women that regularly throw themselves at him. He’s too big of a risk for Rylee, whose heart is still healing from a great loss.

Rylee’s defiance both intrigues and challenges Colton. She can’t possibly be immune to his charms. He hasn’t met a woman yet who is. Her continuous rejections drive him crazy until he finds Rylee’s weakness: he will donate the rest of the funding for her nonprofit’s new facilities, but only if she works with him on it. She must escort him to every event, every meeting, everything involving the project. Anything to force Rylee’s hand. Because more than anything, Colton wants Rylee in his bed, and he’s a man who always gets what he wants.

Rylee discovers that there’s so much more to Colton than the public, bad-boy persona he projects. Colton discovers that Rylee is getting under his skin—and closer to discovering the secrets that haunt his memories—something he never expected. But when Colton finally gets what he wants, it just might be too much for the both of them. (Goodreads)


Hmmmmm where to begin, first the synopsis doesn’t fit very well, it makes the books sound more interesting than it is. It was difficult to follow who was talking at times. Rylee would talk to herself and then out loud constantly and it was confusing. This story seemed very much the same flavor of  Fsog.

Colton is a jerk. It really doesn’t matter what he has been through it doesn’t excuse his immature behavior…”I don’t do girlfriends”, “you are mine”. He went back and forth so many times I couldn’t tell what he was doing except everyone he wanted. Stalker much, his actions in real life would have gotten him a restraining order.

Rylee, the synopsis says, she is “Predictable, structured, and disciplined.” When was this, the first time we see her in the story, she is flustered and then gets herself locked in a closet, where she has a meltdown. Rylee is totally unprofessional at her job, making out with Colton on the job and where her “kids” are. Also, what kind of friend continues to tell her to “fuck” him and have fun after hearing what kind of man Colton is. Shouldn’t her “friend” have known she would be hurt and not able to do a relationship like what he wanted????? With a friend like that, giving such crap advice who needs enemies. Tawny gave her better advice.

Seriously, if I heard or read “inner slut” one more time I was going to scream, but luckily that didn’t happen because….wait for it….the story just ends. Nothing resolved, that annoys me and I think it’s unfair of an author to do that. Plus, this story could have been a short story because there was so much repetition.

The only part of the story that was interesting were the boys and even there, there was only a small slice of the story given to that story line we don’t really find out much about the boys.

Or what does Ace mean??????

I can almost see the next book or the one after , she will get pregnant and he will freak out…….surprise. Well, no, no one should be after doing him one or two times, he says he’s clean and doesn’t want to use a condom. Really??? clean he was just doing someone the night before he did you, not long enough to know if you are clean or not. I won’t be reading anymore in this series.

Recommend “For” (used way to much in the story) folks that enjoyed Fsog.