Dark Kings, Book #14

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250182876

Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

V hasn’t been the same since his sword was stolen from him thousands of years ago.  It’s always bothered him that he can never remember where he was when he lost it.  With so much going wrong for the kings right now, they have put a priority on finding V’s sword.  Without it, they can never call their dragons home again.

Roman and V set out to find the missing sword, which leads them to Roman’s homeland of fire and Ice:  Iceland.  It’s a place filled with bad memories for Roman.  Memories of losing his family when he followed the call to be a king, as it meant fighting his brother to the death.

While on their search, V and Roman meet a couple of gypsies that are more important to their mission than any of them realize.  Camlo seems mentally challenged, but actually has the sight and knows what’s in their future.  Not to mention, he can communicate with animals that tell him their secrets!  His sister, Sabina, has ignored her gifts, but will have to embrace them if she wants to survive their journey.

I go into each of these books really wanting to like them, but it’s been quite a while since I truly enjoyed one.  I feel all the connecting books in this world have just gone on for too long and they’re just two similar to one another to be interesting anymore.  Except for a handful of standout kings (like Con & Ulrik) they all seem the same and the mates are even worse!  Once I’m done reading a book and I’ve moved on to other things, I couldn’t tell you the differences between hardly any of the characters or what their story truly is.  It all just blends into one big blob.  And the insta-romances have all gotten old and stale as well.  I’m tired of each book having the exact same formula as those that came before it. Roman, V, Sabina, and Camlo were okay characters, but nothing about them really stands out from any of the others.

Now Grant has introduced the “others” in addition to the warriors, druids, fae, and reapers that we’re already dealing with, and it leaves me wondering when or if it will ever end?  It doesn’t seem like an end is coming any time soon.  I just wish she’d find a way to evolve this world, change the formula up a bit and just make it more interesting.  As of right now, it just seems that the author is dragging this series out for an eternity, maybe two.

The trek through the mountain to find V’s sword become very monotonous and boring.  Even the steamy scenes are becoming fewer and fewer in these books.  I think we got one sex scene with this couple.  One?  Where is the passion?  They had to make room for all the boring magic stuff, I suppose!

I realize that I seem very negative in this review, but it’s because it’s the same ole, same ole that I’ve already read too many times to count.  I think if I was new to the series and started reading at this book, then I may like it better than I do.  This isn’t a bad book, but I found it was just okay….

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*